Visual Artist

Waiting 2015

Waiting 2015, The exhibition „There Are Too Many Walls But Not Enough Bridges“ at the Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil, Zurich, Switzerland.

Queue, is lining up a group of people in a single line waiting for something … usually a queue in Egypt waiting for the basic ways of life, like gas pipes or waiting for bread and consumer goods … census in Egypt large this is what make life difficult, Few opportunities and everything has become difficult to obtain ..simplest things become hard and we have more than waiting and waiting.
The ancient Egyptians in their artworks represent Mural temples of scenes of Egyptians lining up in a queue in the system, beauty and dazzling, the same scene after the revolution, they were in a queue waiting for the elections, after the Arab Spring, Egyptians for the first time have the right to elected, to choose them new president and try a new thing they did not know of it before.
That was the queue of freedom .. to be free to choose who will representative and lead you, whether if that’s right or wrong choice but it became real, although it’s five years since the revolution happened, Egyptians still in the queue, the same queue in ancient Egyptian history, standing and waiting for something to change the present, be out of date and fall on his future.
We are inside a lying lion, who was born at a great civilization, but we are expected to wake him up, we walked inside and waiting for history to promote the Sphinx to return back to the glory of the Egyptian history.