Visual Artist

There are too many walls but not enough bridges

“During my time in Switzerland I observed the daily hustle and bustle in the streets, the Swiss’ way of moving and standing, and I could tell how elementary space and place is to them, how they seemingly measure and organize every little bit of space they inhabit. In direct comparison to Egypt and my earlier projects that dealt with the topics of transport, streets and the diminishing space between people, there seems to have been an abundance of space around me in Switzerland. Not

only do I have countless possibilities to fill this space, I also have the opportunity to feel big. I can move freely and even in a chaotic manner to break through established patterns if I wish to do so.” (Mina Nasr, 2014)
The works of Egyptian artist Mina Nasr often deal with the demonstration of the human body, its shape and quality in direct relation to the environment. The artist plays with size and dimension. Be it waiting in line in front of the polling station or sitting in the underground train on the way home: the artist observes and studies those details in his fellow humans that determine the immediate moment and then transfers them in a life or larger than life-size depiction into his art.
“My drawings might seem mystical and maybe even childish, like the narrative of the giant in wonderland. But I just try to reflect what I experience, see and feel.” (Mina Nasr, 2014)
Mina Nasr was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1983 and received several awards for his drawings. He studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University in Cairo and graduated with a Bachelor in 2005. He participated in several Artist-in Residence programs in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Mina Nasr has been represented in several exhibitions since 2005, for example in Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, China and Great Britain. The artist lives and works in Cairo.