The Breakfast

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Drawing & sound installation, CTM Festival, 2016, Uqbar Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
A collaborative project with sound artist Yara Mekawei.
In the drawing, It is a scene that we see every day in the media; saving a boat of refugees from drowning on the European coast because of wars and conflicts in the MENA while the authorities are incapacitated to resolve and stop the bloodshed. The project depicts, by drawing a map of the MENA in the form of a dilapidated boat reaching the European coastline to give birth of new hope for the survivors that they can live one more day. This work was inspired by “The Raft of the Medusa” by the French romantic painter Théodore Géricault. In the sound installation, the course of exploring the morning atmosphere that surrounds people during their meal. Whether at breakfast places, in houses, at workplaces, restaurants, or even people who do have their meal in the street, the sound of breakfast wherever you are, marks the beginning of a fresh new day. “The Breakfast” audio/visual art project is not restricted to one place, street or city. Instead, this project combines the daily experiences of different artists as well as the experiences of the people they choose to integrate into their works.
Special thanks:
Yara Mekawei