Visual Artist

Mina’s project

Mina’s project …The afterlife attempt, Wall Painting 2014, Bernau Schwarzwald, Germany.

The ancient Egyptian religion was the basis of philosophical thought and the essence of in ancient Egyptian life.
Beliefs of the ancient Egyptian are the expression of human thoughts for the various life values: religious, politics and social, along with the basic faith of the afterlife (death) until the matter of coming back to life again.. still the idea, and after millions of centuries well-established entity in the Egyptian despite differences and stages experienced …it is still occupied by religious thought and its relationship to power and governance and his determination to leave a mark may be is part of the philosophy of immortality thought about the ancient Egyptian.
Mina’s project… King Mina was the first king of the First Dynasty pharaohs 3200 BC whom was able to unite the two countries (the two kingdoms north and south) and make Egypt a one country. King Mina was the first to leave a mark in the history of Egypt by creating a new era for Egyptian civilization. After all this time the Egyptian still preoccupied with the idea of power and governance and unification of the country that have not divided geographically but split subconsciously between people as the seat of government became imposed due to the reason of pressure of difference between the general public.
Mina (as a member of the nation) still carries the burden of the split and still dreaming of the union. fuse all sides…Uniting Egypt.