Visual Artist

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

New Voices: Art and Decolonisation 16 November 2013 Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Keynote Speaker: Dr Jeremy Howard University of St Andrews

Art and its histories have ‘complex entanglements’ with empire and imperialism, to borrow a phrase from theorist Nikos Papastergiadis. In collaboration with the Henry Moore Institute, New Voices investigates the intersections of art and decolonisation to ask what the specific implications of decolonisation are for art and art history. This symposium turns attention to the geo-political struggles, revolutions and cultural recalibrations that artists and art historians have championed, challenged and negotiated as imperialism and colonialism weakened their grip and took on new forms. New Voices aims to identify the roles art has played in the volatile moments at the end of various empires in order to ask how has art depicted and enabled the production of cultural identities amidst rapid political change seen in examples that include the decline of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, decolonisation in the twentieth century, the fall of the Berlin wall, Indian independence and the spirit of liberation that swept across Africa. New Voices is also interested in addressing how the visual arts has resisted and altered the terms of domination or homogeneity in the contexts such as the Arab Spring and international Indigenous struggles for self-determination. The effects of deterritorialisation, migration and modernisation on art and its institutions are of particular interest. Convenors: Charlotte Stokes, Imogen Wiltshire, Sibyl Fisher, Anna Beketov

Egypt Election, 2012, Mina Nasr, Digital pen and printed vinyl, Cairo, Egypt Presented in the exhibition ‘Visionary Africa: Art at Work’, an itinerant project exemplifying cultural cooperation between Africa and Europe, Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt.