Egypt Election 2012

ElectionMina Nasr_Egypt Election 2012, Cairo, Egyptminanasr2DSC_5675
Egypt Election 2012, Al azhar park, Cairo, Egypt.
Digital drawing & archival inkjet
The art exhibition “Visionary Africa: Art at Work”, The project is collaboration between Delegation of European Union and the Center of Fine Arts in Brussels (BOZAR), Cairo, Egypt. The project talking about Egypt election 2012 for the first time in Egypt after the revolution and how the Egyptians dealt with it as something new and a step towards democracy. My idea was to gather all the segments of society: men, women, young, old, Muslims and Christians. I drew myself in the middle of the line, holding a mobile. I wanted to have all the people standing together instead of what we actually have, which is a line for men and a line for women. It’s what I wanted to happen, to break down barriers between people.