Egypt Election 2012

Africa_at_Work_pavilionElectionMina Nasr_Egypt Election 2012, Cairo, Egyptminanasr2DSC_5675bozar
Egypt Election 2012, Al azhar park, Cairo, Egypt.
Digital drawing & print on transparent film
The project talking about election for the first time in Egypt after the revolution and how the Egyptians dealt with it as something new and a step towards democracy. It was the first work to discuss the importance of participation of all different parties, whether religious or political. It also highlighted the role of women as an essential part of the change. Nasr drew himself among 20 people waiting for their turn to vote, all in one queue. His idea was to have all the people standing together instead of what middle eastern culture actually do; i.e. a line for men and a line for women. It’s what he wanted to happen; to break down barriers between people. The people were drawn in normal sizes, which led the passersby to interact with the work and delivered a sense of credibility to the new political stage and its importance in the change.