visual artist

Conflict History

Conflict History 2017, Drawing on papers, Distrito de Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain.

While reading about the history of Catalonia and observing the everyday-life in the streets of Barcelona, I saw a cluster of different communities living together from Latina, African to Arabic communities that live in harmony, especially the Arab immigrants community that seems to be in motion with the European community, yet far different from it.
In fact, I come to realize that the Arab immigrants community is still attaching to their traditions and cultural norms that define their deeply rooted heritages of North Africa region. At the same time, they live simultaneously with the metropolitan European society and enjoy sharing the everyday-life with, while preserving their own traditional practices. At the end, no matter where we are, we all try to keep a solid tie with our roots.
The Catalan heritage contains a mixture between Arab culture and European culture as a result of the history of the presence of Arabs in Catalonia. This has made the Catalonian society closer to the Arab societies geographically and traditionally.
My project discusses this unique mixture of identity, and in specific the Arab side of it in Barcelona, in a way that exists among people’s everyday activities, gathering, relationships, and the street ideologies in one Catalan community.