Conflict History

Mina Nasr_Conflict HistoryDSC_6757222togetherMina 11

Gràcia District Exhibition Hall, 2017, Barcelona, Spain.
Drawing & paper installation
In her novel “The Granada Trilogy”, the Egyptian writer Radwa Ashour describes the long historical conflict between Arabs and Europeans after the fall of all Islamic kingdoms in Andalucia, Spain, in 1491. My project was inspired by this conflict in ancient and modern Spain. Although nowadays the Arab and European cultures are integrated in the form of a single heritage that appears in the mixture of architectural styles, daily life activities of the people and in the streets of Barcelona, everyone still retains his/her beliefs and roots. The project depicts by drawing and installation groups of people and their different affiliations in one reality.
Special thanks:
Africa Centre
Mireia Estrada
Mike Haas
Tash Mccmmon