Conflict History

Mina Nasr_Conflict HistoryDSC_6757222togetherMina 11

Gràcia District Exhibition Hall, 2017, Barcelona, Spain.
Drawing & paper installation
In this project, Mina Nasr showed the interplay between Arab and European cultures in one form: Islamic and Christian architectural styles in Catalonia and the form of daily life between Europeans and Spanish of Arab origins on the street and their affiliation.  From the two cultures, Nasr took his inspiration in this project from the history of the Arabs in Andalusia and from the famous story of Granada to the Egyptian writer Radwa Ashour. Nasr drew the individuals on paper figures depicted in the shape of cones which represents the symbols of medieval Christianity, Islamic castles and the overlapping symbolism which led to modern European architecture.
Special thanks:
Africa Centre
Mireia Estrada
Mike Haas
Tash Mccmmon