Visual Artist

Beauty From Egypt

Beauty From Egypt, Cairo Exhibition 2015, AB-Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland.

3 Pieces Pastel & Pencil on Paper size 200 x 140 cm for one piece.

Nefertiti, sekhemka, The Ancient Egyptian Writer, Isis, Osiris, and all other old Pharaonic Egyptian sculptures, have been stolen and sold with a very low price with or without buyers’ documents. The stolen Egyptian sculptures were shipped outside Egypt to decorate European museums and rich people’s houses. Thousands and thousands of antiques that present the history of Pharaonic Egypt were smuggled outside of Egypt. Till now, the Egyptian government failed to return them back.

Before 1835, it was a customary that half the discovered tomb’s treasures goes to the discoverer. However, such a mutual agreement was canceled by a new law, which helped the Egyptian Antiquities Authority to legally ship the treasure outside. Except, mafia antiques is very active in Luxor, as they spread the local streets, carrying stolen sculptures in their pockets, looking for an interested buyer. These mafias are nothing but thieves who are constantly searching and digging for the hidden treasures of rich ancient art. Usually, they sell the antiques to cover their daily expenses while living a hard, unbearable life.
During the Arab Spring revolutions some of the artifacts had been stolen from the Egyptian Museum and some archaeological sites in the absence of security, in that period, which agitated the global public opinion, again.

In my project, I’m trying to explain the relation between the Egyptian painful reality and the past, how our ancient history was sold and smuggled in a plastic bag and a piece of paper or other means, and hand delivered to the outside world; how the gap between a civilization that consumes and the one that produce, yet we are all the same people.
I’m trying to imagine the disregard of our history and the people who sold it. This makes you rethink the value of what we have lost as Egyptians and that fact that it was already too late to realize the naked, painful truth.