Auto Ignition

RomeroHaus, 2018, Luzern, Switzerland.
Digital drawing & archival inkjet
A sarcastic documentary for the “Spring revolution” situations that Egypt went through since 2011 till this time, as it became a black comedy passing through all the protests, chaos, along with citizens daily and essential needs of electricity outage, gasoline also food more over safety and discipline, and finally the development of the Egyptian constitution, which took a long time to be approved by all of the people and all political parties. The project combines two distinct periods of their common factor between the Renaissance in Italy in the period arts departed under the rule of religious dominion in the era of artists like Michelangelo, who was known by his power in the representation of religious works point of his own, which was against seeing the Vatican at that time and what they called the ruling religious in Egypt (Renaissance). Michelangelo’s art and its characteristics religious majestic have been recast to fit events in Egyptian ironic to be the basis for the integration of these two periods. The two are linked by thought religious as if the Egyptian constitution is the statue of the prophet Moses, who sat along with Law Tablet (Sharia). comparison shows how that period in which the religious power controlling in Egypt is the only head of state and attributed to the basics of soldierly is the parents in control of the state and the development of basic laws or in the period in which the police are weak and cannot defend themselves and become in a difficult position of being one of the strong former regime and its mechanisms , which were established policies in the street and protect powers and is now in the form of the old regime and became killed a lot to make people sympathize with them and support them to return the security again ( the statue of Pietà ) , or in the presidential election , which was used by the vote-buying in bribing poor Egyptians who are what represent the majority of people with the necessary basic requirements such as food and gas canister and other ( Creating Adam’s). Colors base were broken in the works of Michelangelo, in which where the dark colors were part of the reasons why his works tends to be dramatic, reflecting prestige and power, and that was reason to highlight the story of religious strongly and to be revised once again with colors that are extremely different modern fit. What we live out from the destruction of thoughts and perception of shell facts and the high tempo is the reason behind everything new and impressive.