A Possible Environment

1234567891012131415A Possible Environment, 2019, Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Drawing, paper installation and interactive.
In the city of Kaohsiung, temples abound within its distinctive neighborhoods, being part of its unique architectural composition resulting from the various cultural and religious influences it has experienced. It is a city where the spaces are occupied by high-rise buildings, one day after another, in the form of skyscrapers that make their way through the small cubic houses; all of which reflect a picture of how fast trade is developing strongly in the city.
My project is a parallel image inspired by the landscape of the city. It takes the form of an architectural installation that appears inside a mythical rites, where I use paper and drawing to present futuristic images of possible city transformations. The project uses complex architecture within an unstable environment designed to draw our attention to the shape and future of the architectural identity, the extent of our reliance on technology and our concept of stability.
This work comes as a supplement to several investigations of previous projects that I have carried out around different cities, in which I raise questions about the extent to which the culture of public awareness of space affects the flow of traffic, congestion and architectural formation in each city.
Sepcial thanks:
Pier-2 Artist In Residence Program
Ching-Chien Rachel Huang
Chantal Romani
Marcos L Reis and his family
Mo Awwaad
Mark Yanni