A 100 Stories From The Cave

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The Future of This Land, Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV), 2018, Yamaguchi, Japan.
Drawing & paper installation
Akiyoshido Cave is part of Yamaguchi Prefecture and the longest in Japan. Over the years, falling water has been engraving its beautiful clusters of stones that have been formed both in a consistent and random manner; giving us a chance to appreciate Mother Nature. The stone formations have opened a long life path similar to changes of the people of Yamaguchi, thus indicating that life is all about change. Whether life obstacles or painful memories, they all were enough reasons to keep moving forward with better changes for a better future. In my project, I merge the stone formations of the Akiyoshido Cave, through using the paper formations, with drawings of the human clusters of everyday life in Yamaguchi, in a way to present the similarity of stone formations to that of humans. That will be linking the beautiful changes of nature, that have many shapes and sizes, to the metropolitan life-style of Yamaguchi and how it developed over the years. At the end, our future is defined by our relationships with Mother Nature in a balanced way that helps us reach “Future of This Land.”
Sepcial thanks:
Satoko Togashi
Yusuke Fujisawa
Sachiko Terada
Shiota Nozomi
Alexandra Wey