1517 and Afterwards


Transitorisches Museum, 2018, Pfyn, Switzerland.
Drawing & paper Installation
Supported by: Protestant Parish, Pfyn, Switzerland.
In this project, Mina Nasr presents an image of the year 1517 which is considered a turning point in the history of Christianity in several regions. This work includes quotations from history about the impact on the Eastern Orthodox Church under the Ottoman Empire rule, which was parallel to the West in Europe during the period of Catholic domination that led to the emergence of Protestantism as a liberation from the constraints of religious power. Nasr presents a form of proliferation strategy on the religious map and blends it with various symbols to ask questions about what had happened at that time between the borders of East and West and how far this has affected the current political dialogue.
Special thanks:
Alex Meszmer
Reto Muller
Protestant Parish of Pfyn